Welcome to the brand new brand site

More than five years has passed since we debuted the KU brand. That can only mean one thing: We’re old. We’re due for an update to the online brand center. Now, after more than a year of work, we can officially introduce you to KU Marketing’s new and improved brand site. 

Change is good
A brand is as much about evolution as consistency. Over the years, we and our campus partners have flexed the KU brand into a bigger, more versatile sandbox. It was time the site caught up. 

Also, we recently launched Sunflower, our new, universitywide content management system. Like the rest of KU, the brand had to make the transition. For a good example of Sunflower’s streamlined style, look no further than the clickable site menu on the left side of your screen (or top of your screen, if you're reading this on your mobile device).

Despite all the new, we’ve retained core elements of the original site. Our changes were thoughtful and guided by input from key campus stakeholders.

Guided by expert voices
One unanimous sentiment from our campus partners was how often they use the brand site as a quick reference point. Open Guidelines in the site menu and you’ll be treated to a wealth of technical knowledge related to the KU brand. Resources like our university style guide, guide to design principles, and the expanded “one-stop shop” handbook for social media managers offer invaluable know-how and wisdom from KU Marketing’s experienced team of specialists. 

The download motherlode
Overwhelmingly, campus partners expressed satisfaction with the brand site’s download section. So we’ve revamped existing downloads and added more. 

Open Downloads in the site menu to view our comprehensive brand toolkit. Need an event program template? We’ve got you.Branded social media avatars? Here you are. A big, beautiful photo collection? You better believe it. And wherever necessary, we provide detailed instructions on how to operate your spiffy new download. 

We’re back, in blog form
The KU Marketing team spans generations, professional backgrounds, disciplines, and La Croix preferences. With such a breadth and depth of experience, we’re understandably eager to share our collective insights in the, yes, Insights section. There you’ll find articles, ruminations, and roundups of the latest and greatest marketing thought leadership from our brain trust. Check out the featured post, pinned to the top of the feed and regularly updated, for our recent favorites.

We hope this website remains a go-to resource for KU communicators. Thanks again for your constant support and valuable feedback. Happy branding!