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Welcome to the brand new brand site

More than five years has passed since we debuted the KU brand. That can only mean one thing: We’re old. We’re due for an update to the online brand center. Now, after more than a year of work, we can officially introduce you to KU Marketing’s new and improved brand site. 

Announcing: KU Marketing

As KU Marketing Communications, our office has done immeasurable good for the University of Kansas. We’ve helped raise enrollment, created award-winning marketing campaigns for campus partners, and established KU’s first brand platform and positioning. 

Signing off and starting fresh: Reintroducing the KU signature

For over a year, the design team at KU Marketing Communications has been hard at work rethinking, retooling, and reconstructing all aspects of the university signature.

Google Analyze this

So, you’ve built a website. You’ve spent hours of hard work creating something functional and informational. You may think that the process is complete, but now it’s time to analyze how the site is performing. Luckily, KU already has Google Analytics coding on all its sites. All you need to do is…

Announcing award-winning brand work

KU Marketing Communications has earned awards recently for several of its marketing pieces and campaigns.

Finding the brand abroad

On a cloudy day in the Bagamoyo district of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with the Indian Ocean lapping lazily in the distance, five Jayhawks smiled for the camera. Those Jayhawks — four humans, including myself, and Hal Sandy’s blessed bird in convenient flag form — had traveled 9,000 miles to be there.

Words matter.

Writing about people from diverse backgrounds challenges both those writing and those being written about to ask themselves, “What language is fair? What is ethical? What is respectful?" As we consider how we discuss issues of identity, it’s important to note that often, the person gathering the…

Four Refreshing Perspectives for Higher Ed Social Media Marketers

I recently attended the CASE Social Media Conference in Portland, which brings higher-education professionals together to share their perspectives on using social media as a marketing platform. This was my first CASE conference and I was pleased to find the presentations insightful, the presenters…

Campanile Storm

In 2016 I was a new photographer at KU Marketing Communications. I had been a brand manager at Sunflower Outdoor and Bike Shop and had only been shooting for about three years. I was self-taught, so getting hired at KU was the affirmation I needed— but I wanted to prove myself as soon as I could.…


When I sat down to write this, I did a quick search on Twitter that showed over 4,000 updates to the hashtag #NewProfilePic in the previous hour. You know what it’s like – we scour our photo libraries for the perfect profile pic for our social accounts. One that is quintessentially us, one that…