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Livestreaming made easy: How to add Facebook Live to your marketing toolbox

Winning personalities: How KU and Gen Z align

Jayhawk communicators have the wonderful challenge of communicating to and connecting with a wide variety of audiences — all while staying on brand. This year brings yet another audience into the mix: Generation Z. Using the U.S. Census Bureau’s definition, Gen Z starts with those born in 2001.…

“C.T.-eh?”: A helpful glossary of marketing terms

KU communicators are constantly caught in a crossfire of marketing jargon. It’s easy to get confused, and even easier to simply nod and pretend like you know what everyone’s talking about. If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. To help, we’ve got this quick glossary of marketing terms that…

Looking Back: An essay by Doug Koch

In the late 1980s, I joined the Office of University Relations as photography coordinator. Like similar offices at other universities, our office had evolved from a news bureau that served both internal and external audiences. Dedicated writers, many with prior experience in the news industry,…

Get it on paper

So you came to a blog to read about paper. Printed materials — while not the only means of communicating our message — are still an important component in our marketing plan.

Becoming a PowerPoint power user: 8 tips when building your “deck”

When creating a presentation, you have a great head start thanks to the awesome PowerPoint templates available on our brand site. PowerPoint is installed on nearly every campus computer, it’s free for KU community members, and it was even co-developed by a Jayhawk, Thomas Rudkin.

Awards for KU design work announced

Last year, KU Marketing Communications debuted KU’s first-ever brand platform, “Our Chant Rises,” after two years of concepting, creative development, testing, and refinement. This brand work, along with a mailer created for the KU Office of Admissions, received A14 awards from the Kansas City…

Making the most of having the blues

When used in print as a spot color, PMS 293 not only makes KU blue consistent across your publications, it also introduces an energy and vibrancy that instantly reads as KU. Create the same effect in your color-treated photos by using duotone presets to easily convert your photos to one of these…

Proofing, paranoia, and precision: An editor's guide to sleeping soundly

Near the end of every major project — viewbook, campaign, website — I can predict one event with certainty: I will awaken in a panic at 3 a.m., wondering, “Did I put the right year on the cover? Is that professor’s name spelled correctly? Did we check those links?”

Hue are U: The search for the perfect Kansas colors

Crimson and blue run through our veins. But as intrinsic to the Jayhawk identity as they feel, those colors represent a choice made after a fair bit of disagreement and controversy — a saga well documented in an article on the wonderful KU History website.