Color palettes

Primary palette

Crimson and blue have long been KU’s identifying colors. The Our Chant Rises campaign retains those traditional colors and adds an extended palette of complimentary and secondary colors. The extended palette options range from cool-hued reverent designs to multicolored celebrations.

Related information

Kansas Blue
PMS 293
C100 M55 Y0 K5
r0 g81 b186

PMS 186
C0 M100 Y80 K5
r232 g0 b13

Jayhawk Yellow
PMS 116
C0 M15 Y100 K0
r255 g200 b45

Signature Gray
PMS 430
C5 M0 Y0 K45
R133 G137 B138

Secondary palette

When pulling in colors from the secondary palettes to enhance the KU crimson and blue, use your best judgment in terms of color amounts.

PMS 534 C
C95 M74 Y7 K44
R0 G52 B89

PMS 285 C
C99 M50 Y0 K0
R39 G103 B255

PMS 297 C
C52 M0 Y1 K0
R115 G203 B242

PMS 535 C
C47 M22 Y6 K7
R142 G159 B188

PMS 656 C
C10 M2 Y0 K0
R221 G229 B237

PMS 7427 C
C8 M100 Y70 K33
R151 G27 B47

PMS 185 C
C0 M90 Y84 K0
R255 G48 B66

PMS 130 C
C0 M32 Y100 K0
R242 G169 B0

Terra Cotta
PMS 7618 C
C12 M63 Y72 K0
R198 G110 B78

C6 M7 Y10 K11
R215 G210 B203

Tints and shades

The tints and shades palette includes variations of our primary and secondary palette. This palette was created to support digital designs. These colors should be used only when designing for screens and where the primary and secondary palettes are not a good fit.

Kansas blue - step 1
R20 G121 B251

Kansas blue - step 2
R1 G112 B255

Kansas blue - step 3
R0 G64 B145

Kansas blue - step 4
R0 G49 B113

Crimson - step 1
R251 G90 B98

Crimson - step 2
R251 G47 B57

Crimson - step 3
R185 G0 B9

Crimson - step 4
R144 G0 B7

Steam - step 1
R231 G236 B242

Steam - step 2
R242 G245 B248

Limestone - step 1
R223 G219 B213

Limestone - step 2
R245 G244 B242

Fog - step 1
R165 G178 B201

Fog - step 2
R227 G231 B238

Sky - step 1
R182 G226 B245

Sky - step 2
R220 G242 B252

Grey 1
R241 G241 B241

Grey 2
R217 G217 B217

Grey 3
R170 G170 B170

Grey 4
R126 G126 B126

Text grey
R51 G51 B51

Color accessibility

Colors and color combinations in your designs must meet accessibility standards. 

First, be sure to communicate meaning with more than just color. Consider people with colorblindness when choosing images and colors on your website, and avoid statements such as “choose the green button to go to the next page.”

Second, be sure that your colors meet contrast standards in accordance with WCAG 2.0 guideline 1.4. This allows individuals with low visibility to properly distinguish foreground and background colors, especially in text and graphic elements. It is best to check your color choices using a color contrast checker such as the WebAIM Color Contrast Checker.

Here are a few color combinations from our palette that meet accessibility standards. 

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk

Text grey on Steam

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk

Night on Sky

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk

White on Kansas blue

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk

Text white on brick

The examples below do not meet accessibility standards. 

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk

Text grey on Crimson

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk

Night on Lake

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk

White on Signature Grey

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk

White on Sky

KU Blue Pantone

The official University of Kansas blue is referred to as KU Blue PANTONE (PMS) 293. The gray used in the logotype is PANTONE (PMS) 430. You may substitute a 45 percent black screen for PMS 430 Signature Gray. Whenever possible, print PMS 293 as a spot or fifth color to ensure color accuracy.

The colors shown in this guide are for color reference only. Match to PANTONE® color standards for accuracy. PANTONE® is the property of Pantone, Inc.

Colors to avoid

Avoid using colors that could appear to represent other Midwestern institutions, especially members of our athletic conference.

Colors and color combinations to avoid: maroon and gray, green and yellow, yellow and black, purple, gold and black, red and black, maroon and white, orange, and burnt orange.