Co-branding and Partnerships

We are an active partner in our state and region and often need to communicate those partnerships in marketing materials.

Internal co-branding 

Marketing for events, programs, and sponsorships may refer to multiple KU units. To simplify the visual representation, identify these entities by name, not with a unit signature, alongside KU’s primary signature.

Horizontal use

Use a vertical rule to create additional separation.

Example with two units"Example of internal cobranding with 2 university units."


Example with more than two units

"Example of internal cobranding with more than two university units."

Vertical use

Example with two or more units

"Example of internal cobranding with 2 university units using a vertical signature."

Center the text and separate units with commas, making sure unit names do not break across lines.

External co-branding 

When the University of Kansas partners with other established organizations or institutions, take care to preserve the integrity of our mark.

  • Clear space should be doubled from the normal value to avoid being in close proximity to the other brand marks. 
  • The KU mark should appear in the first position whenever possible.
  • The university logos should appear in equal proportion to the other logos. 
  • Simplify designs when possible. Select neutral colors that work well with all partners’ graphic elements.

University level external co-branding

Co-branding at the university level is always preferred.

"Example of external co-branding with KU and Adidas using the KU logo."

"Example of external co-branding with KU and Adidas using the KU signature."

"Example of external co-branding with KU, Adidas and Pepsi using the KU signature."

Use a rule to create additional separation.

Unit level co-branding

Provide ample space between the KU listing and the rest of the logos to maintain clarity of organization. 

"Example of external co-branding with several KU units and Adidas using the KU signature".