Trademark Licensing

The University of Kansas owns and protects its identifying trademarks. The University of Kansas Graphic Identity Standards set forth in this manual must be followed when university departments and offices use university trademarks on products that are part of their normal business operations. Items considered to be a part of normal business operations include, but are not limited to, office supplies, name badges, and business cards. Departments and university offices should strictly adhere to the “Visual Identity Usage and Agreement Policy” as written. Refer to the Graphic Identity Standards for all questions relating to departmental use of university trademarks on items such as stationery, business cards, print publications, advertising, and printed promotional materials. Use of the university trademarks in normal business operations does not require prior approval as long as the Graphic Identity Standards are followed.

A formal licensing program is administered through the Trademark Licensing Office. The Trademark Licensing Office must approve, prior to production, all commercial and non-university uses of university trademarks, as well as use of the trademarks for on-campus projects such as departmental and student group T-shirts and apparel, or departmental giveaways. All items for commercial or non-university use must be produced by a licensee of the university. A list of licensees and licensees by product category is available online using CLC's License Search tool. Any proposed commercial or non-university designs using the university trademark must be submitted for approval to the Trademark Licensing Director at

The Trademark Licensing Office works closely and in partnership with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). CLC assists the Trademark Licensing Office in protecting the icons that have become associated with KU over time and that enhance the university’s image. The most common trademarks and additional licensing information may be seen on KU Athletics Trademark Licensing page; however, the university retains the rights to many icons and verbiage that may not be depicted.

The objectives of the licensing program are to:

  • Protect all university trademarks that relate to the university (or have come to be associated with the university), and to ensure that the trademarks are used in a manner that is consistent with the mission of the university and reflect favorably on the university.
  • Promote the university in a consistent and uniform manner to protect the university’s reputation, name, and image.
  • Produce revenue to pay for the expense of operating the licensing program and for programs and scholarships at the university and in the University of Kansas Athletics department.
  • Protect the consumer from deception or from faulty or inferior products and services bearing the university’s marks.