Design principles

As you create design work within the brand think of your composition in a holistic way. Elements of color, typography, shape, and photography work together harmoniously to support your message. The tone and aesthetic should always be in line with the audience.  Consider the following themes to support and inspire your design work. 

Be authentic

Approach design decisions with an honest and transparent mindset. Designs should not hide or misconstrue information. Each design should reflect the KU's brand personality traits: curiosity, heart, kindness, virtue, and resolve. By aligning our work with these traits we can present work that is authentically KU. 

Create harmony through contrast

Contrast in any design element can be used to bring focus to the most important part of the composition. We look for contrast in scale, space, color, typography, photography, and graphic elements to create a balanced design with a targeted emphasis. 

Prioritize clarity 

Design elements should support the message for your audience. Clarity in your design may be achieved by removing items that are distracting. Look for opportunities to simplify your message, graphic elements, and holistic design choices so that it is easy for your audience to understand your central message. 

Seek opportunities to rise

Rising momentum is created through the use of trajectory elements including photo treatments, textures, lines, and confetti. Rise can also be achieved through the judicious use of layering and repetition in your design.

Principles drive design

We invite you to browse our gallery to see examples of our work. Principles drive our designs and push us to continually evolve within the brand.
Photo of a printed pamphlet that reads "A chant creates community."