Brochure templates

Several options are available in Microsoft Word and InDesign, providing layouts for projects that are rich in text or those with multiple photos.

Remember to install the university fonts before using the files below.

Academic program card

This full-sheet flier is useful for informational projects that are copy-dense but have some art. The front incorporates a photo and text. The back includes room for more text, contact information, and the KU signature.

A thumbnail of the academic program card


This is useful for projects that have compelling artwork. The layout incorporates a main photo on the front, text and several smaller photos inside, plus more text, with the KU signature on the back.

An example of a bifold brochure, showing the front and back sides.


Have a speaker or event coming up? This layout includes artwork and the KU signature on the front, room for several photos and descriptive text inside, and more text and contact information on the back.

A view of a trifold brochure, showing one side of a sheet of paper with 3 columns of content.