Announcing: KU Marketing

As KU Marketing Communications, our office has done immeasurable good for the University of Kansas. We’ve helped raise enrollment, created award-winning marketing campaigns for campus partners, and established KU’s first brand platform and positioning. 

But it’s time for a change. Goodbye KU Marketing Communications, hello KU Marketing

The shortened name accommodates a bigger team and broader scope. KU Marketing is a merger of the Lawrence campus’ Marketing Communications and the team who supports the Edwards Campus and Lifelong & Professional Education. Together, we’ll reaffirm past priorities and redouble resources toward raising enrollment and the university’s profile.

Specifically, KU Marketing will operate with these key objectives:

  • Engage prospective students to learn more about them and share the benefits of attending KU.
  • Steward KU’s brand platform and positioning.
  • Collaborate with and support KU partners in academics, research, alumni relations, athletics, public service, and more.
  • Attract and retain top talent in KU Marketing.

We’ve also gained new leadership in the form of Chris Gregory, KU’s first chief marketing officer. In his previous role as director of marketing and public relations at the Edwards Campus, Gregory helped grow enrollment by nearly 40%. He is a welcome addition to our lauded team of creatives, marketing strategists, and media specialists. 

An empowered marketing operation is critical to the health and longevity of our university. With greater resources and diverse expertise, KU Marketing is positioned to meet today’s challenges and keep KU a worthy competitor in the increasingly crowded higher ed market. 

So, hi — we are the new, improved KU Marketing. The pleasure is ours.