Social media policies

Password security

Follow these general rules for passwords and account access:

  • For each social media account representing a unit, more than one person in the unit should have the password and/or administrative access.
  • Passwords/general account access should not be shared with people who are not employees or student assistants. 
  • Passwords should be changed at the start of each semester and whenever someone with access leaves the unit or no longer needs to access the account. For platforms without passwords (like Facebook and LinkedIn), the list of administrators should be reviewed at the beginning of each semester.
  • All official accounts must be registered to a shared or general KU email address accessible by more than one person. (Email addresses already established for customer service — for example, — are preferred.) If you need to create a new departmental account follow these instructions provided by KU IT.


Campus emergencies

In case of emergency on campus (such as campus closures, natural disasters, or criminal activity):

  • Unit accounts should defer to (and actively share from) KU’s official flagship accounts to deliver any messaging.
  • Improper information during an emergency may directly conflict with law enforcement and/or endanger lives. Therefore, only accounts that have worked with the Emergency Management office in advance and come to an agreement regarding their specific facility should attempt to offer tips or information about what’s happening.

Policy library

The University of Kansas Policy Library is the repository for all policies and policy-related documents at the University of Kansas. Consult the policy library for more information about use of social media.