Stationery Orders

Business stationery is the largest, most frequent use of the KU identity. Each piece of business stationery — letterhead, envelopes, and business cards — provides the opportunity to solidify the university brand. The university has a number of campuses, colleges, schools, and departments, so it is vital to maintain consistency in business stationery.

Most KU units will use the KU standard stationery.

Lawrence/Edwards Campus


KU Medical Center/School of Medicine-Wichita


Standard letterhead & envelopes

Most campuses, colleges/schools, research, and administrative units will use KU standard stationery. The two-color signature is preferred.

If your unit does not have a unit signature, you should use the signature of your parent organization and fill in your unit name in the field for department on the order form.

Unit primary letterhead & envelopes

On stationery, the KU primary signature is mandatory unless an exception has been granted by Marketing Communications. Standing approved exceptions are:


  • Facilities frequently used by the public, including the Commons, the Natural History Museum, the Spencer Museum of Art, the Wilcox Classics Museum, the Lied Center of Kansas, and the University Theatre.
  • Training centers that serve statewide, professionally certified constituency such as the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center and the Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Center.
  • Separate campuses, such as the Edwards Campus, the KU Medical Center, and the School of Medicine-Wichita.
  • Audio Reader and Kansas Public Radio.



Jayhawk letterhead & envelopes

Only three units are approved to use Jayhawk signatures on stationery: Kansas Athletics, KU Alumni Association, and the Office of Admissions.

There are several business card layouts. If you find that one card layout doesn’t work for your situation, look at other options to find the card that best suits your needs.

If your unit is not listed as a division, use your parent organization and fill in the department blank with your unit name.


Standard business cards

Standard business cards are available in horizontal and vertical formats. You may choose to have a Jayhawk or a KU logo.


Optional backsides


Dual appointment business cards

If you have a dual appointment within one school or division, or one division is more important to emphasize, you will want to consider the alternate horizontal business card. This card allows for two office locations, but it is not necessary to include a second address.


If you have a dual appointment in more than one school or division, you may choose to have two standard business cards printed back-to-back. This option will allow for additional contact information, such as multiple office or desk phone numbers.

To order bilingual cards in a language that uses a non-Latin alphabet contact for assistance.


Standard bilingual business cards

Standard bilingual cards are available in vertical or horizontal format. Both sides of the card will contain the same information, with one side in English.


Dual appointment bilingual business cards

We do not offer an option for bilingual cards set up for dual appointment. We suggest you order two sets of alternate horizontal dual appointment business cards, one in English and one in the second language.