Livestreaming made easy: How to add Facebook Live to your marketing toolbox

iPhone shooting Facebook Live video

Social media marketing is not for the faint of heart – it’s fast paced, in a state of constant evolution, and requires equal parts agility and structure. As each social platform positions itself as a valuable marketing tool, new tools come to the forefront that allow brands to reach their audience in innovative ways.

Becoming a PowerPoint power user: 8 tips when building your “deck”

When creating a presentation, you have a great head start thanks to the awesome PowerPoint templates available on our brand site. PowerPoint is installed on nearly every campus computer, it’s free for KU community members, and it was even co-developed by a Jayhawk, Thomas Rudkin.

Perhaps you’ve struggled with PowerPoint in the past. I sympathize. It’s not as flexible as I’d like, and a lot of features feel extraneous. Still, great results can be achieved using this ubiquitous piece of software.