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Udall scholarships, Udall scholars

Udall scholarships are awarded by the Morris K. Udall Foundation. 

Undergraduate Research Awards

UGRA or UGRAs on second reference. The UGRA competition is coordinated by the Center for Undergraduate Research and funded by a partnership among the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, the Office of Research, Undergraduate Studies, and the Office of the Provost. Recipients receive $1,000 awards to pursue academic and creative projects.

Undergraduate Studies

Oversees the Academic Achievement & Access Center, Center for Civic & Social Responsibility, Center for Orientation & Transfer Programs, Center for Undergraduate Research, KU Info, Learning Studio, KU Writing Center, Undergraduate Advising Center, and University Career Center. 


KU has two unions on the Lawrence campus, the Kansas Union and the Burge Union, and one on the Edwards Campus, Jayhawk Central. Use union on second reference unless the story mentions both unions. In that case, use the full name on second reference. KU Memorial Unions is the organization that manages the unions. 

University of Kansas Hospital, The

Do not use. The correct name is this: The University of Kansas Health System. On second reference, health system. The health system is a clinical facility governed by an independent authority board. Also, do not use when referring to KU Medical Center, the academic unit that includes the schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Professions.

University of Kansas, the

Not Kansas University. On second reference, KU or university. KU is acceptable on first reference in campus publications.
Lowercase "the" except when the name is part of an address.

He plans to attend the University of Kansas; for more information, write to The University of Kansas, Office of Admissions, KU Visitor Center, 1502 Iowa St., Lawrence, KS 66045.

University Press of Kansas

Established as a consortium by the Board of Regents, the press represents the six state universities and is in KU's West District. 




Omit http:// and www. when citing URLs in print publications unless a website will not work without them. Additionally, all words in URLs should be lowercase. For example: admissions.ku.edu and facebook.com/ku.