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Sabatini Multicultural Resource Center

The center, which adjoins the Kansas Union on the north, houses the Multicultural Resource Center and the Office of Multicultural Affairs. 

Salina campus, School of Medicine

Acceptable as School of Medicine–Salina. 

Schiefelbusch Institute for Life Span Studies

Life Span Institute acceptable on all references. 

Schiefelbusch Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic

On second reference, speech-language-hearing clinic or clinic. 

scholarship halls

KU has 12 scholarship halls. On first reference, Battenfeld Hall; on second reference, Battenfeld.  But use K.K. Amini, Margaret Amini, and Grace Pearson to avoid confusion with similar names.



Uppercase when used with the full name of a scholarship only: The Solon E. Summerfield Scholarship has a lengthy history. On second reference or if the entire proper name of the scholarship is not used, capitalize only the proper noun: The Summerfield scholarship.

Self Hall

One of two new residence halls for men and women that opened on Daisy Hill in fall 2015; the other is Oswald Hall. They are connected by the Daisy Hill Commons.

Sellards Hall

A women's scholarship hall, one of five residence and scholarship halls funded by gifts from alumna Gertrude Sellards Pearson and her husband, Joseph R. Pearson. The others are Gertrude Sellards Pearson Hall, known as GSP, a men's and women's residence hall; Grace Pearson Hall, a men's scholarship hall; Pearson Hall, also a men's scholarship hall; and Joseph R. Pearson Hall, now home of the School of Education.

semesters and seasons

Lowercase academic periods and seasons of the year: She graduated in the fall. He enrolled in the School of Engineering in fall 2015. The spring semester ends May 14.


Use for fourth- and fifth-year undergraduates. 

serial comma

AP Style does not use a comma before the conjunction in a simple series, called a serial or Oxford comma, but does use one in complex phrases and when needed for clarity. News releases use AP Style. Marketing Communications uses the serial comma. Use your judgment, but be consistent.

Shankel Structural Biology Center, Delbert M.

Named for the microbiology professor who twice served as interim chancellor. On second reference, SBC.

Shawnee Mission

Not a city, but a postal designation for several Johnson County, Kansas, communities (including Overland Park, Prairie Village, Shawnee, Mission, and Lenexa). Use the city name in text: Sam Smith is a junior from Shawnee or Breanne Bailey is a sophomore from Prairie Village

South Dining Commons

This dining hall is attached to Oliver Hall and Cora Downs Hall in the Central District.

Speech-Language-Hearing: Sciences & Disorders, Department of

On second reference, speech-language-hearing department. For faculty, omit all but speech-language-hearing: Mabel L. Rice, professor of speech-language-hearing

Spencer Museum of Art

On second reference, museum of art or art museum. 


AP spells out names of states in text, even when following a city name:
     central Kansas
     Pretty Prairie, Kansas
     Norman, Oklahoma

Use the two-letter postal abbreviation for a state when used as part of an address: The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045.

Refer to AP’s datelines entry for names of cities that do not need to be followed by state names.

Stephenson Hall

Men's scholarship hall. 

stop day

The day after classes end and before exams begin. Lowercase. 

Stouffer Place

Former university-owned apartments for single-parent or married students that were closed in 2015 and razed in 2016.

Stouffer Place Apartments

This university-operated apartment complex opened in 2018 in the Central District; it serves single upperclass students, transfer students with at least 30 credit hours, graduate students, and nontraditional students. The apartments replace the former Stouffer Place apartment buildings, which were razed in 2016.

Structural Testing & Student Projects Facility

An engineering building in the West District that contains space for student projects and a high bay lab for large-scale structures research.

Student Affairs, Office of the Vice Provost for

Formerly Student Success. Always capitalize. Acceptable in shortened form as Student Affairs. Units overseen by Student Affairs are Counseling & Psychological Services, KU Recreation Services, Legal Services for Students, Student Health Services, Student Involvement & Leadership Center, Student Affairs Research, Hilltop Child Development Center, KU Memorial Unions, KU Student Housing, Student Conduct & Community Standards, and Student Money Management Services.

Student Health Services

Housed in Watkins Memorial Health Center. 

Student Housing, KU

KU Student Housing operates on-campus living arrangements for students. See also residence halls, scholarship halls, and apartments.

Sunflower Apartments

Temporary guest housing used primarily by new KU faculty and staff who are searching for permanent residences.

Sustainability, Center for

Formerly the Environmental Sustainability Center.


In bodies of text, do not use symbols such as &, #, @ or %. Spell out the words instead, except when using the ampersand in a unit name, such as College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; the “at” symbol in an email or Instagram address, chancellor@ku.edu; or a hashtag in a Twitter address: #beajayhawk.