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Capitalize when referring to the exhibit in the Natural History Museum.

Parents Day

Do not use. Now called Family Day.

Parking & Transit

Do not use with “Office” or “Department.” Also, Park & Ride.

Parking garages

The structure southeast of Memorial Stadium is the Mississippi Street Parking Garage. The structure at Naismith Drive and Irving Hill Road is the Allen Fieldhouse Parking Garage.

Pearson Hall

Men's scholarship hall. Grace Pearson Hall also is a men's scholarship hall.

They are two of five student living facilities funded by gifts from alumna Gertrude Sellards Pearson and her husband, Joseph R. Pearson. The others are Gertrude Sellards Pearson Hall, GSP, a residence hall for women and men; Sellards Hall, a women's scholarship hall and Joseph R. Pearson Hall, now home of the School of Education.


Spell out in text. Do not use %.


Do not use. Use doctoral degree or doctorate.

Pharmacy, School of

The school operates on the Lawrence and Wichita campuses. School of Pharmacy–Wichita is acceptable when needed to distinguish it from the pharmacy school on the main campus.

Pittsburg State University

On second reference, Pittsburg State.


Do not hyphenate. 

Potter Lake

Not Potter's Lake. 


No hyphen in constructions such as premedicine or prelaw, but pre-education. 

Professional & Continuing Education

Formerly Continuing Education. The office is on the Edwards Campus in Overland Park.


Uppercase when used with the full name of a professorship only: The Smith estate gave $600,000 to establish the Delos V. Smith Jr. Professorship in Community Medicine.

But: The Smith professorship will be awarded in the spring.

Public Affairs & Administration, School of

A school within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences that offers degrees and leadership training for administrators in city management, public service, nonprofit organizations, law enforcement, and other public and private sector agencies.