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Kansan, The University Daily

On second reference, use Kansan to refer to the student newspaper.


In general, the state name does not appear after Kansas towns in text unless there is a possibility of confusion with another city of the same name:

       Kansas City, Kansas
       Independence, Kansas

Note: AP spells out names of states that follow a city name, except in postal addresses. Refer to AP’s datelines section for names of cities that do not need to be followed by state names.

Kansas Athletics Inc.

Formerly University of Kansas Athletic Corporation. Use Kansas Athletics Inc. on first reference. Kansas Athletics is acceptable in subsequent references.

Kansas Biological Survey

On second reference, biological survey.

Kansas Board of Regents

Its nine members, appointed by the governor, oversee seven public institutions (KU, K-State, Wichita State, Emporia, Pittsburg, Fort Hays, and Washburn), 19 community colleges, and six technical colleges. On second reference, Board of Regents, Kansas regents, regents or board.

Kansas Geological Survey

On second reference, geological survey.

Kansas State University

On second reference, K-State or Kansas State. Do not use KSU.

Kansas Union

On second reference, union. Use Kansas Union if Burge Union is also mentioned in the story. Burge Union was demolished in spring 2016.

Kansas University Endowment Association

See Endowment Association

Kansas, the University of

Not Kansas University. On second reference, KU or the university. KU is acceptable on first reference for campus publications.
Lowercase “the” except when the name is part of an address.

He plans to attend the University of Kansas.
For more information, write to The University of Kansas, Office of Admissions, KU Visitor Center, 1502 Iowa St., Lawrence, KS 66045.


Krehbiel Hall

Men’s scholarship hall.


No periods. Acceptable on second reference. (Acceptable on first reference in campus publications.)

KU Alumni Association

Formerly Kansas Alumni Association. On second reference, use alumni association or association.

KU Cancer Center

On first reference, University of Kansas Cancer Center or KU Cancer Center if the university has been mentioned previously. On second reference, cancer center or center. The KU Cancer Center includes a research unit, the Kansas Masonic Cancer Research Institute; and a clinical unit, the University of Kansas Hospital Cancer Center. The KU Cancer Center is the umbrella name over both.

KU Card

Do not use KU ID or KUID for the official university identification card, but explain what it is for audiences that may not be familiar with it.

KU Center for Technology Commercialization

Formerly KU Innovation & Collaboration.

KU Common Book

See Common Book

KU Info

Use KU Info in all references. Do not use KU Information Center.

KU Innovation & Collaboration

Do not use. Now called the KU Center for Technology Commercialization.

KU Libraries

The umbrella term for all campus libraries. Use University of Kansas Libraries on first reference for off-campus publications unless the University of Kansas has already been mentioned. Use the plural noun when referring to the administrative organization: KU Libraries are having a book sale.

KU Medical Center

On first reference, University of Kansas Medical Center or KU Medical Center if the university has been mentioned previously. On second reference, medical center. Reserve use of KUMC for headlines and social media.

The university’s academic schools of Health Professions, Medicine, and Nursing are at KU Medical Center. The University of Kansas Physicians is the name of the multi-specialty group whose members practice at the medical center and KU MedWest. The medical center’s address is 3901 Rainbow Blvd., Kansas City, KS 66160.

KU Memorial Union

The organization that is responsible for the Kansas Union, the DeBruce Center, and a new union being built in the Central District.

KU Today

KU's daily e-newsletter, featuring campus news and news releases to general media. KU Today publishes twice a week over the summer and is not published over fall, winter, or spring breaks.