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Earth, Energy & Environment Center

A multidisciplinary center for geology and engineering research on energy and the environment. The center's two buildings — Ritchie Hall and Slawson Hall — are connected to Lindley Hall and Learned Hall.

Editors Day

No apostrophe in this annual School of Journalism & Mass Communications event.

Edwards Campus

Capitalize “Campus.” The address is 12600 Quivira Road, Overland Park, KS 66213. Also acceptable as the University of Kansas in Overland Park.

Ekdahl Dining Center

This facility in Lewis Hall is better known as Mrs. E’s.

Ellsworth Hall

Residence hall for women and men. 

emerita, emeritae (female); emeritus, emeriti (male)

See titles

Emporia State University

On second reference, Emporia State. 

Endowment Association, Kansas University

This is the formal name, to be used only in legal or technical documents. KU Endowment is acceptable on all references. Never use KUEA.

ExCEL Award

Note capitalization; do not use periods. Somewhere in the text, mention what ExCEL stands for.

The ExCEL Award — Excellence in Community, Education and Leadership — honors two KU students each year.