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Daisy Hill

Area southeast of 15th and Iowa streets where several residence halls are located. Named for the daisies that used to grow there. 

Daisy Hill Commons

The area between Self and Oswald residence halls.

Dance, Department of

Don't use. It is now the Department of Theatre & Dance. See Arts, School of the


Put a space on each side of em dashes 


      Omit the comma between month or season and year if no day is included. The word “of” need not be used in these constructions.
     The symposium was in summer 2015.

Set off the date with commas when it follows a day of the week and is in apposition to it. Omit the comma when only the day or date is used with the time.
     The event is at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 24, at the Lied Center.
     The event is at 8 p.m. Jan. 24 at the Lied Center.

       Use hyphen or from/to, not through, in giving inclusive dates.
            The class runs from May 13 to 26; the class is May 13-26.

In body copy, hyphenate when giving fiscal or academic years.
     The 2015-16 academic year.

       An en dash may be used rather than a hyphen when referring to spans of dates or times.

news releases
        References to upcoming events should include day and date as a doublecheck for editors. References to events in the past or in the distant future are expressed by date only. Include the year if different from the present one. 

David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium

Renamed in honor of a KU alumnus who pledged $50 million for renovations. Originally known as Memorial Stadium, it was dedicated in 1922 to honor KU's students, faculty, staff, and alumni who died in World War I. On second reference, Memorial Stadium is acceptable.

DeBruce Center

This 32,000-square-foot center houses James Naismith's original 1891 document laying out the "Rules of Basket Ball."

definite article

Lowercase the definite article when it precedes the name of an organization except when the name is part of an address.
     He plans to attend the University of Kansas.
For more information, write to The University of Kansas, Marketing Communications, 1314 Jayhawk Blvd., Lawrence, KS 66045.

Lowercase the definite article in the names of newspapers unless it is the newspaper’s preference to capitalize it. Lowercase in lists of publications where some capitalize “the” and some do not. 

degrees, academic

See academic degrees


Department of History, history department, departments of Mathematics and History. 

Design, Department of

Part of the School of Architecture & Design.


distinguished professorships

See distinguishedprofessors.ku.edu or the Office of Institutional Research & Planning's "Profiles" as the authority for named and distinguished professors. The most recent graduate or undergraduate catalog may also be used.

Capitalize all nouns and adjectives in titles of named and distinguished professors. Use "the" between the name of the professor and the title of the professorship if he or she is the only person with that title. Use "a" if there is more than one person with that particular professorship.

John Doe, the Summerfield Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Jane Doe, a University Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

On second reference or if the entire proper name of the professorship is not used, do not capitalize.
     She was named a distinguished professor in 1994.
     He also holds a distinguished professorship in medicinal chemistry.

Retired distinguished professors retain the title of distinguished professor but not the proper name in the title. For example, the retired Judith H. Murphy Distinguished Professor of Art History would be referred to as distinguished professor emeritus of art history.

Also see Foundation Distinguished Professorships.


The Lawrence campus comprises the North District, roughly the area east of Naismith Drive and north of Sunnyside Avenue, including Jayhawk Boulevard; the Central District; and the West District, the area west of Iowa Street formerly referred to as the west campus.

doctor, Dr.

Reserve the title for people with medical degrees. Use the abbreviation Dr. with the name in first reference; drop it in subsequent references. If a faculty member has a medical degree as well as an academic or administrative appointment, use the title Dr. only when it is relevant to the story. If appropriate, you may note in the text that the faculty member is also a physician, psychiatrist, surgeon, radiologist, or other specialist.

doctoral degree, doctorate

See academic degrees

Dole Institute of Politics

The formal name is Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics. Dole Institute of Politics is acceptable on first reference, the institute on second reference.


Do not use. KU has residence halls, not dormitories. 

Douthart Hall

Women's scholarship hall. 

Downs Hall

Residence hall for women and men in the Central District. Downs is connected to another residence hall, Oliver Hall, through the South Dining Commons.

Dyche Hall

Houses the Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum