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KU has five campuses:

  • main campus in Lawrence
  • Medical Center campus in Kansas City
  • Edwards Campus in Overland Park
  • satellite campus of the schools of Medicine and Pharmacy in Wichita
  • satellite campus of the schools of Medicine and Nursing in Salina

The official name of the Overland Park campus is the Edwards Campus, hence the capitalization of campus in that instance.


committees, commissions, and boards
Capitalize full formal names of committees, commissions, task forces, and advisory boards. Lowercase shortened, informal, or descriptive names of committees. Strive for consistency within stories.
      Campus Safety Advisory Board
      The department's finance committee

distinguished titles
Capitalize all words except "of" and other prepositions in titles of named and distinguished professors.
     John Doe, the Summerfield Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry  
    Jane Doe, a University Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

On second reference or if the entire proper name of the professorship is not used, do not capitalize.
     She was named a distinguished professor in 1994.
     He also holds a distinguished professorship in medicinal chemistry.

divisions and affiliates of the university
Capitalize the formal names of schools, academic departments, and divisions of the university. Lowercase names that are flopped or shortened. But see College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.
     School of Business, business school
Department of Chemistry, chemistry department
Office of the Chancellor, chancellor's office
     University Registrar, registrar's office

In plural constructions, lowercase the common noun, such as department, school, program, or office:
     The schools of Engineering and Music are collaborating on the research project.

Always capitalize units that don't normally use "Office of" or "Department of" in their formal titles.
     Marketing Communications
     Parking & Transit 

     Professional & Continuing Education

Capitalize "College" on second reference to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences to avoid confusion with the general term meaning college-level or college-related.

position titles
Capitalize titles appearing before a name and lowercase those appearing after a name.
     Jane Doe, dean
     Dean Jane Doe 
    Jane Doe, professor of psychology
    Professor Jane Doe of the Department of Psychology

Capitol Federal Hall

Contains the School of Business. The 166,500-square-foot building includes 20 classrooms, a 350-seat auditorium, and collaborative spaces.


Council for the Advancement & Support of Education. 

Center for Research Inc.

On second reference, center. KUCR is acceptable on second reference for campus publications. 

Center for Sustainability

Formerly the Environmental Sustainability Center. On second reference, the center.

Center for Technology Commercialization, KU

Formerly known as KU Innovation & Collaboration. 


Not chairman, chairwoman, or chairperson.

Chalmers Hall

The Art & Design Building was renamed in August 2015 for E. Laurence Chalmers, the 11th chancellor who served from 1969 to 1972.


Capitalize only when it precedes the name. Do not repeat with the name on second reference. 

KU’s chancellor should be referred to as Douglas A. Girod on first reference in all communications. When his title is used in front of his name, capitalize it: Chancellor Douglas A. Girod. The chancellor is a physician, and in limited instances with medical audiences, M.D. may be added after his name: Chancellor Douglas A. Girod, M.D.

Do not use Dr. and don’t combine Chancellor and Dr. in front of the chancellor’s name.

chancellor's residence

The chancellor's residence is also called the Outlook. 

Chancellors Club

No apostrophe. 


Lowercase chapter in names of local branches of national organizations. Also, chapter is the preferred term over house for sororities and fraternities.

The KU chapter of Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society, the KU chapter of Gamma Phi Beta

Churchill scholars, Churchill scholarships

The Winston Churchill Foundation awards Churchill scholarships. 

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

On second reference, the College. If the context is not clear, use the full name on second reference.

Besides its academic departments, the College includes the School of the Arts; the School of Public Affairs & Administration; and the School of Languages, Literatures & Cultures.


Uppercase when referring to KU's annual ceremony. Describe graduates using the semester (not the month) in which they graduated.
     Bob Smith is a fall 2015 graduate (not a December 2015 graduate).

Members of the Class of 2015 comprise those who graduated in summer 2014, fall 2014, and spring 2015. KU has its formal Commencement each May, though several schools host graduate recognition ceremonies in December. 

Common Book, KU

Capitalize when referring to the campuswide program coordinated by the Office of First-Year Experience. Put the title of the book in italics.

Commons, the

In Spooner Hall. A partnership of the Biodiversity Institute, the Hall Center for the Humanities, and the Spencer Museum of Art, its events focus on interdisciplinary inquiry into research, education, and the human condition.

composition titles

Italicize the following in print publications and where possible online: book titles, computer game titles, movie titles, opera titles, play titles, poem titles, album and song titles, radio and television program titles, and the titles of lectures, speeches, and artwork.

In social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube descriptions, put the titles in quote marks. In news releases, use quotes.

Do not italicize or use quote marks for the Bible or books that are primarily reference material; this includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, and guidebooks.

Computing Center, Price

The Computer Center was renamed in 2014 for longtime KU mathematics professor and computer pioneer G. Baley Price. Price Computing Center is acceptable on first reference. Note the spelling of Baley.

Continuing Education

Don't use. See Professional & Continuing Education. The office is on the Edwards Campus in Overland Park.


Capitalize when referring to this recurring university event.

Corbin Hall

Women's residence hall. Often referred to as GSP-Corbin in conjunction with Gertrude Sellards Pearson Hall. 

course titles

Capitalize but don't quote. Put the course abbreviation (all caps) and course number in parentheses.
     Children and Television (HDFL 325).

Italicize names of works appearing in titles.
     Vergil's Aeneid (LAT 124). 



One word.

courtesy titles

Use Dr. only if the subject is a medical doctor and the story relates to the medical field. Use the Rev. on first reference when referring to members of the clergy. For faculty members who are also clergy, the academic title supersedes.

Use Mr., Mrs., Ms., and Miss only in direct quotes.

Crafton-Preyer Theatre

The largest of the four performing spaces in Murphy Hall. The others are Swarthout Recital Hall, the Inge Memorial Theater, and the Baustian Theatre.

Crimson and the Blue

The Alma Mater.