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academic degrees

Use bachelor's degree or bachelor's rather than B.A. or B.S.; master's degree or master's rather than M.A. or M.S.; doctoral degree or doctorate rather than Ph.D. or Ed.D.
     She has a bachelor's degree in English, a master’s in translation and a doctorate in comparative literature.

Follow AP style in the use of apostrophe and capitalization:
     Bachelor of Arts, bachelor’s in psychology
     Master of Science, master’s in journalism

When use of the abbreviation is required, use periods within: B.A., M.S. AP makes an exception for MBA.
In general, do not use Ph.D. Doctoral is the adjective, doctorate the noun. Doctoral degree and doctorate are interchangeable. Do not use doctorate degree.

Adams Alumni Center

Acceptable in all references for the K.S. "Boots" Adams Alumni Center.

Adams Campus

The Adams Campus is 220 acres of land 12 miles southwest of KU's main campus. It serves groups as a training ground for team building and cooperation. Despite its name, it isn't considered a primary KU campus. See the listing for campus.


Follow U.S. Postal Service specifications when giving a mailing address: The University of Kansas, department or office name, building name, street address and room number, Lawrence, KS 66045.
     The University of Kansas
     Office of the Provost
     Strong Hall
     1450 Jayhawk Blvd., Room 250
     Lawrence, KS 66045

Note: The four-digit ZIP-code extension is not necessary.

Admissions, Office of

Not Office of Admissions & Scholarships. See also Financial Aid & Scholarships.

Advisor, adviser

Advisor, not adviser, in all university publications. News releases use AP style: adviser.

Allen Fieldhouse

When referring to the KU sports venue named for longtime basketball coach Forrest C. "Phog" Allen, fieldhouse is one word.

Allied Health, School of

Do not use. See Health Professions, School of

alma mater

Used for both KU's song and for the university in alumni contexts. Capitalize when referring to KU's song. KU's Alma Mater is Crimson and the Blue.
     They sang the Alma Mater. My alma mater is the University of Kansas.

alumna, alumnae (female); alumnus, alumni (male)

Use alumni when referring to a group of men and women. Use of the term alum is discouraged.

Alumni Association, KU

On second reference, alumni association or association.

Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center, David A.

Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center is acceptable on first reference. On second reference, use recreation center, fitness center, or center.

Amini scholarship halls

There are two Amini scholarship halls. The coed hall is K.K. Amini; the women's hall is Margaret Amini.


Names of schools, departments, and offices use the ampersand:

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Department of Physics & Astronomy

Office of International Recruitment & Undergraduate Admissions


Anschutz Library

Not Anschutz Science Library.


KU operates three student apartment complexes: new Stouffer Place Apartments (opened in 2018), Jayhawker Towers, and McCarthy Hall. All are located in the Central District.

KU Student Housing also operates Sunflower Apartments and the University Guest House, which welcome overnight guests of university departments and house new KU faculty and staff who are searching for permanent residences.

Architecture & Design, School of

Formerly the School of Architecture, Design & Planning.

Arrocha Ballpark

The softball field at Rock Chalk Park carries this name. 

Art History, Kress Foundation Department of

The official name of the department. Use history of art when referring to the discipline or its faculty members. 

Art, Department of

Arts, School of the

The School of the Arts is housed within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and encompasses the departments of Film & Media Studies, Theatre & Dance, and Visual Art.


See Kansas Athletics Inc.