Web Guide

Web Guide


Have an active web development project? You can get started by first working on content audits, navigation audits, and then using our supporting graphics. Taking those initial steps will pay off. With our updated templates, your website can take full advantage of KU’s new brand identity.


Optimize your content

Your website’s most important feature is its content. Take the time to streamline what you would like to highlight about your department or unit. You can do so with a content audit — systematically removing old and outdated written and graphic elements and replacing those with updated visuals and text.

Rethink your navigation

Can the users of your website find everything? Streamline your navigational structure if doesn’t serve your online goals. Don’t make your site too deep — simplicity is best. Focus on crucial material. Eliminate bloat. It’s a process that takes time. But you’ll find optimizing your content is actually the most important step before installing your new template.

Take advantage of our templates

KU uses Drupal for its content management system (CMS). We’ve designed templates that are consistent with KU’s brand identity. You’ll find more information about Drupal and our templates at cms.ku.edu.

We know KU’s current web templates are outdated and don’t currently work for everyone. We often hear, “When will there be a new template?” Here’s the good news: We are working on a solution. But meeting the needs of all departments and units requires much research and planning. We will keep you updated on our progress.

Web fonts

We use Raleway, Arial Narrow, and Times New Roman

Hex values

Crimson and blue have long been KU’s identifying colors. The Our Chant Rises campaign retains those traditional crimson and blue colors, plus yellow and grey.


  • #0051ba
  • R0 G81 B186


  • #e8000d
  • R232 G0 B13


  • #ffc82d
  • R255 G200 B45


  • #85898a
  • R133 G137 B138

Our Chant Rises also provides an extended palette of complimentary and secondary colors. Those provide options that range from cool-hued reverent designs to multicolored celebrations.

When pulling in colors from the secondary palettes to enhance the KU crimson and blue, use your best judgment in terms of color amounts. Don’t go overboard.

  • #003459
  • R0 G52 B89
  • #2767ff
  • R39 G103 B255
  • #73cbf2
  • R115 G203 B242
  • #8e9fbc
  • R142 G159 B188
  • #dde5ed
  • R221 G229 B237
  • #971b2f
  • R151 G27 B47
  • #ff3042
  • R255 G48 B66
  • #f2a900
  • R242 G169 B0
  • #c66e4e
  • R198 G110 B78
  • #d7d2cb
  • R215 G210 B203

Online courses

KU’s online courses should follow all KU brand guidelines and rules. Content for online programs and courses should use the voice that characterizes academics at KU: knowledgeable, confident, and innovative.

Learn more about the Brand Council process and review recommended wireframes here.