Video helps us convey the university’s story and energizes projects that involve recruitment, media relations, research, student life, and other aspects of the university. Outlets include the KU website and KU’s social media channels.


Video graphics

Marketing Communications has developed a standardized graphics package with approved assets for your video project. The package includes options for lower thirds, logos, and the KU watermark. These assets can be used as is for universitywide videos.


KU identity on video

KU signature

The signature cannot be three-dimensional and should not spin, flip, or break apart. When referring to the university without using the signature, the words “The University of Kansas” should be written wherever possible in one of the recommended KU fonts. The university’s name should never appear in Trajan when it is not part of the signature.


KU watermark

We recommend using a simple white KU watermark on your video footage. It should be placed in the top right corner of the screen and be sized at approximately 10 percent of the width and 10 percent of the height of your video frame. For a video sized 1920 x 1080, the mark would be 192 pixels wide by 108 pixels high. Opacity should be set at 25 percent. The watermark should not appear on the same screen as the closing KU signature. We also recommend removing the watermark during full-screen graphics if it competes with the visuals.



To find KU-approved fonts, click here. Gotham is recommended for most on-screen text because of its legibility. If Gotham is unavailable, Raleway is an approved alternative.


The Jayhawk on video

In broadcast, the trademarked Jayhawk should be treated as a flat element and should not spin, distort, or be animated in any way. Follow these standards for use of the trademarked Jayhawks.


Illustrative interpretations of a Jayhawk, however, can be animated. Interpretations might include cartoons, illustrations, and collages. Illustrative Jayhawks should be significantly unique from the trademarked Jayhawk to avoid confusion. Illustrative Jayhawks are not to be used to make a profit by entities other than the university.

Appearance releases

We recommend obtaining signatures from participants in your photo and video projects. Please use the following appearance release, which you may modify for your own project.



If you have questions about piloting a UAV on campus or about drone policies, please contact Tim Seley, associate director, digital media, at 785-864-8871.


Commercial filming on campus

For on-campus filming requests by outside parties, please contact Tim Seley at 785-864-8871.


Video in social media

If you are interested in posting your video to the official KU YouTube site or Facebook page, please contact Tim Seley at 785-864-8871.


KU Media Production Studio

KU Media Production Studio in Budig Hall is also available for hire to produce videos for units, from taping lectures and events to producing promotional videos.