KU’s brand fonts are Chronicle and Gotham. Use versions of both in print and online. For body copy in print only, use Palatino Light.


Using our fonts

Paired together, Chronicle and Gotham express our brand’s balance of sophistication and optimism. Chronicle is a classic typeface, and Gotham, a modern font, conveys the university’s innovative nature. To avoid busy designs when mixing type, be intentional and tasteful.


If Chronicle and Gotham aren’t available to you, we suggest these alternate fonts: Raleway, Arial Narrow, and Times New Roman. All three are free and can be used for KU communications in print and online.


What about Trajan and Gill Sans?

The new branding doesn’t mean we’re prohibiting the use of Trajan. It will continue to be used in our university signatures and on outdoor signage, however, its use in campus communications is declining. Gill Sans has been phased out of most campus communications and all signatures. It has been replaced by Gotham.


How do I get the new typefaces?

To purchase Gotham and Chronicle, contact Lauren Erickson.

To purchase Palatino Light, visit fonts.com. Note: This is different than Palatino Linotype, which comes bundled with Microsoft Office or as part of the operating system.

Raleway is a Google font and is available here.