Graphic Elements

Graphic Elements



A 75-degree high trajectory taken from Chronicle’s italic face, and a 15-degree low trajectory reference Mount Oread and the greatness that rises from the Hill. All uses of the trajectory should move from left to right.


Use with photos

Judicious use of the trajectory in photo cropping adds energy to layouts. Consider using a mixture of images with and without angled crops or highlighting only one angled photo on a page.


Use as texture or graphics

Consider the tone of your piece as you choose whether to use solid or dotted lines. Solid lines express stability, while dotted lines reference collaboration and the potential for connection. You may want to use solid lines when emphasizing the history of the university but dotted lines with exciting research or traditions on campus. Dots should be round, not dashes.

The tool kit section contains files that you can download for use.


Use as confetti

Thicker confetti elements created with the high trajectory can provide visual balance and energy.

Confetti elements are skewed, not rotated. The tops and bottoms of confetti elements should remain horizontal, and skewing makes this possible.