Download 2019 Brand Day presentations here

An image showing overlapping KU brand palette colors and the headline, KU Brand Day 2019.


With a week to reflect, we can confidently say that this year’s Brand Day was our favorite one yet — and that’s not just because there were tacos, cake, and saxophone (you had to be there). A heartfelt thanks to all who attended.

Fitting for our third Brand Day, the theme was iteration, and the meaningful ways it can inform your creative process. After an appropriately jazzy keynote about the importance of improvisation, guests attended breakout sessions of their choice.

PDFs of a portion of the presentations and supplemental materials are provided below.


From KU to Z: Communicating with the next generation of Jayhawks
The ins and outs of talking to Generation Z

Blue and a bird: Embracing simplicity in the brand
Leveraging iconic KU brand elements in your work

Google analyze this: An intro to analytics
A worksheet to help you get started with Google Analytics

Enrollment management and the brand
Enrollment management and its role in communications

Instagram story school
Tips, tools, and techniques to craft a compelling Instagram story

Frame work: Making a successful video
A behind-the-scenes look at producing a great video

Site insight: Where to start with Limestone
Basic strategies to prepare your website for KU’s CMS transition

CMS content plan template
As discussed in the Site Insight session, a Google Sheets template to help plan your site content