Download 2018 Brand Day presentations here


If last year’s Brand Day was an introduction to “Our Chant Rises,” this year’s was a celebration. At 2018 Brand Day, we shared the outstanding KU brand work produced over the past year, by Marketing Communications and our campus partners. We also took a deeper dive into what goes into that work, including breakout sessions hosted by each of our office’s four major teams: design, digital media, editorial, and strategy.

You can find PDFs of all four PowerPoint presentations below.


Yeah, but did it work? »
The strategy team discusses effective evaluation for projects large and small.


Tools of the trade »
Writers and editors share go-to resources for creating KU content.


Strike the right tone »
Designers talk about their methods for pinpointing a perfect art direction.


Portraits, in focus »
The digital media team shares tips for photographing people.