Signing off and starting fresh: Reintroducing the KU signature

For over a year, the design team at KU Marketing Communications has been hard at work rethinking, retooling, and reconstructing all aspects of the university signature.

This essential element of our identity system appears simple, but a variety of considerations weigh on the newest iteration’s design, rules of use, and administration.

In this post, we’ll explain the rationale behind the changes to this significant KU emblem, as well as our plans for deployment and implementation.

Google Analyze this


So, you’ve built a website. You’ve spent hours of hard work creating something functional and informational. You may think that the process is complete, but now it’s time to analyze how the site is performing. Luckily, KU already has Google Analytics coding on all its sites. All you need to do is start asking questions and digging into the data to find answers.

Words matter.

Writing about people from diverse backgrounds challenges both those writing and those being written about to ask themselves, “What language is fair? What is ethical? What is respectful?" As we consider how we discuss issues of identity, it’s important to note that often, the person gathering the information and creating the annual report story or the script or the news release is an outsider to the lives of the people being covered.