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Hall Center for the Humanities

On second reference, Hall Center or center.

Hashinger Hall

Arts-centered residence hall for men and women.

Hawk Link

Hawk Link is a retention program for first-year students sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Hawk Week

Events preceding the start of a new academic year, including Traditions Night and Convocation.

Health Professions, School of

Formerly the School of Allied Health. One of three schools based at the KU Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas. The two other schools are Medicine and Nursing.

Hill Engineering Research & Development Center

Houses KU EcoHawks, a student research program at the School of Engineering. The center was built in the West District by KU architecture students in Studio 804.

Hill, the

Mount Oread.

history of art

Preferred term for faculty members and the discipline. But see Art History, Kress Foundation Department of.

Hoglund Ballpark

Pronounced HOE-glund.


Uppercase Homecoming as the formal title that includes all events: Homecoming, Homecoming Week. Uppercase Homecoming Steering Committee. But Homecoming parade, Homecoming game.

Honors Program, University

Use the formal title, University Honors Program, on first reference. Use honors program (lowercase) on second reference.

HOPE Award

No periods between the letters in HOPE. Somewhere in the text, mention what HOPE stands for.
     Phillip Hofstra, professor of design, won the HOPE Award — the Honor for the Outstanding Progressive Educator.

Horejsi Family Athletics Center

Pronounced “hore-ish.”

Hospital, The University of Kansas

See University of Kansas Hospital


Hyphenate inclusive times and dates.

Workshop hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. May 13-16.

An en dash may be used instead of a hyphen for spans of times and dates.

Hyphenate terms such as editor-in-residence and artist-in-residence in all cases, whether the term is before or after the person’s name.

Hyphenate such terms as first-year and second-year when referring to law and medical students; use the suspensive hyphen for more than one reference: First- and second-year students have access to the library.